Living Water Community Church

"From the belly flows rivers of   Living Water" 

Mission Statement

The vision of Living Water Community Church is to Glorify God, Empower his people, Equip the Saints, Edify our Community, and Evangelize to the Lost and the Un-Churched.

The purpose and Mission of Living Water Community Church is to Discipline our mind, to preserve and contain a Heart for God's people.

Our Commitment is to show Love according to the Scriptures: John 3:16, John 13:35, Matt. 5:44, John 15:12, 1John 4:7, 1John 4:19,  "FOR GOD IS LOVE"

Reaching the Lost while perfecting the Growth of the Ministry, Kingdom building is our Focus.

Our Goal is to Reach, Teach, and learn the word of God,   Equip the Saints to Evangelize to the World.